Why Host With Venues & Vows?

Hosting with Venues & Vows is free, offers you a chance to showcase your property and earn extra income. Our team is standing by to answer any questions and assist in setting up your profile. Click on "List Your Venue" and let's get started!

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Create additional revenue

Whether it's for one weekend a year, or 52, listing your space with Venues & Vows will put money in your pocket


It's Free!

The best part about listing with Venues & Vows is that it’s free. Not only is it free to list your property, but even when someone books your venue, there’s still no charge to you. Kinda makes it a no brainer right?!


Complete control

You have complete control over your listing. You decide who rents your property because every booking request comes to you. You’re able to message with the venue seeker, answer/ask questions, and set up a tour of your space if need be.


Easy Setup

Getting started is simple. Just sign up here, and then add your property information and photos. We even send you our Venue Owner PDF when you sign up that will walk you through the set-up step by step.


Do you only accept homes that will host weddings?

Nope! When you list with us, you decide what type of events you're willing to have at your property. Only want to do wedding accommodations? Not a problem. When you list with Venues & Vows, you're in complete control.

What types of properties do you accept?

At Venues & Vows we are looking for unique and beautiful properties that can be used for a variety of reasons - from overnight accommodations to a wedding venue to a corporate retreat. We welcome all types of properties including mansions, cottages, barns, cabins, warehouses, and more!

How do I get paid?

You will be paid via direct deposit.

Do I control how much I charge for my property?

Yes, you’re in control of how much you charge for your property. If you’d like suggestion on how much to charge, we can provide comparable properties in your area.

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