• What is Venues & Vows?

    Venues & Vows is an online wedding venue marketplace offering picturesque venues in highly desired areas.

  • How?

    We use the sharing economy (think Uber and AirBnB) to identify venues that we pre-screen and validate. We have also partnered with farm/ranch owners to uncover spaces that are efficiently priced and gorgeously appointed.

  • Why Did You Start Venues & Vows?

    In 2014 I had six friends who got engaged and were looking for wedding venues. They had crazy spreadsheets and Pinterest boards and spent hours (DAYS) looking for a venue. Every time I talked to them there were two pain points they kept reiterating:

    1. 1. I don’t want to have my wedding at a “traditional” venue because that’s what everyone does; I want it to be special and reflect the style of my fiancée and I.

    2. 2. The prices are bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

    This didn’t add up for me. I started doing research and found out that they were not only correct in that venues are difficult to find but this whole wedding industry is a RACKET punishingly expensive. I say “punishingly” because it actually seems like you’re being penalized for getting married. The price of traditional venues skyrockets as soon as you utter the word “wedding”.

    I researched many websites and alternatives. I came up with a few test ideas first. Then, while riding in an Uber, I had an epiphany…why not use the sharing economy to find wedding venues. In fact, why not partner with farms and ranches to create those picturesque venues that people are longing for? Venues & Vows was born.


    • We have personally visited each and every venue on this site. We only list spaces that we know will actually work for a couple.

    • Transparent pricing. You know when you look at other venue listings on wedding sites and they show you something like “$$$” to indicate the price of a venue? We don’t do that. We show you actual numbers so you know exactly how much a venue costs and what is included with the venue.

    • These properties are not dark ballrooms – we provide a venue that reflects your style - whether that is boho-chic or glitz and glam!

    • Ability to book online.

    • In more than 90% of our venues, you can stay at the property…you won’t need to wrinkle your gown or tux in a car before walking down the aisle! You also won’t be gathering your decorations at 11:30 pm still wearing 4-inch heels (or flip flops) – gather them in the morning!

    • If you book a venue on Venues & Vows, we provide you with a curated list for everything from the closest grocery store to cake makers and caterers.

  • Do you provide any other venue types?

    We realized there are many celebrations that happen from the proposal through to the honeymoon! As a couple, you may need a few separate venues/spaces for your different celebrations:

    Proposals Faq1
    Engagement Parties Faq2
    Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties Faq3
    Rehearsal Dinners Faq4
    Overnight Accommodations Faq5
    Elopement Faq6
    Wedding Ceremony & Reception Faq7
    Honeymoon Faq8
    Vow Renewal Faq9
  • Why do I need to get insurance?

    This is pretty standard practice and the vast majority of properties will request that you attain insurance to cover any damages. We want to make sure everyone and everything is safe and sound. To ensure you and the property owners are covered in case of an accident or damage, we require that you secure liability insurance for up to $1,000,000. You can add this on to an existing policy or find policies at wedsafe.com and theeventhelper.com.

  • When do I need to get insurance?

    You’ll need to attain insurance within one week of booking your venue/property if the venue requires it.

  • But don't traditional venues make more sense? I've heard they offer more built-in options, right?

    I can’t blame you for thinking this – I was 100% in your boat. After I researched venues and then conducted several surveys to understand a traditional venue’s advantage, a very interesting conclusion came to light: The average bride/groom that uses a traditional venue STILL SPENDS 325+ hours planning their wedding. Out of the 12-14 items you need to reserve for a wedding, the venue typically only handles three (catering, alcohol, tables/chairs).

    So, if you’re still spending hours and hours of your own time planning a wedding whether it is at a “traditional” venue or not, wouldn’t you want to save money AND be able to personalize the space?

  • How do you find places?

    Venues and Vows began as a concept in 2014. We started looking for spaces at that point and have continued to do so. We have dedicated our time to building relationships and partnerships with venues that fit a specific market need: a stunning space without pillaging your bank account.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Just like traditional venues, you are free to cancel your booking within the grace period provided by the venue. These vary so please be sure to read about their policy on the profile page.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We will refund your money provided you have cancelled within the grace period provided by the venue. We do charge the credit card transaction fee to reverse the charges back onto your card. This is a 3% fee imposed by the credit card companies, not Venues & Vows.

  • Do you recommend vendors for other wedding needs?

    Yes, we do! The nice thing is that we do not have “preferred vendors” nor do we receive compensation for making our recommendations. We go off of our own personal experiences while visiting the venue or ask local homeowners for their go-to vendors.

  • Can you help me in any other way?

    Yep! We are happy to help you find accommodations for your guests to include some of our neighboring properties and/or help you lock down a room block at a nearby hotel. If you need help with booking vendors, we provide a concierge service for a 20% fee.

  • How are taxes handled?

    Taxes are paid by the venue owner/manager and they are responsible for collecting the appropriate amount. Venue owners/managers will include the tax in the total price of the booking.

  • When will I be charged for a reservation?

    To secure a venue, you must make a down-payment to ensure your dates are reserved. The remaining balance will be charged 14 days in advance of the first day of your reservation/celebration. This is also subject to the venue owner’s policy – they may require a different schedule which is detailed in their profile.

  • What are your fees?

    Venues & Vows charges a 3% transaction fee to cover the credit card fees. We also charge a service fee ranging from 6-9%

  • When will venue host payments be received?

    Venue owners will receive a down payment within 14 days of the reservation being made. Venue owners will receive the remaining balance within 14 days of the celebration/trip being completed, unless otherwise specified in "Rules & Considerations.”